I recently had a conversation with a fellow web designer about the sheer magnitude of the internet and how much data we transfer back and forth every day. It really is amazing when you stop to think about how quickly and flawlessly we’re able to send and receive emails, text messages, and other files from one city or country to another without even a hiccup. Even while I write this blog posting I’m transferring multiple gigabytes of data to my server halfway across the country. I can still recall when I was 10 years old my dad brought home a 14.4 Kb modem and we dialed up for the first time ever… boy did I get hooked! So much that the internet has become my career and virtual office. We sure have come a long way over the past fifteen years. One can only fathom what’s to come in the upcoming decade.

Below is an illustration that a friend of mine sent to me that attaches some statistics to all this tweeting and messaging that we take for granted every morning when we boot up our computers. If all these stats are correct then this article makes 900,001 blog posting today.