About pages are lame. I’ve never enjoyed working on a personal bio page. I’m perfectly fine with public speaking these days but for some reason, crafting a few paragraphs about who I am and what I do in my spare time just seems forced and awkward.

However, since this page is specifically a bio page, I’ll take a stab at it and probably spend too much time proofing this copy to make sure I don’t sound like a dork.

What do I do in my free time?

My “free time” is spent with my girlfriend, working on my 90 year old home, brewing beer, tinkering with motorcycles and trying not to injury myself in the process. Some of these interests/passions have sections of their own on this site. Others will be tucked away in a category or just not talked about online (sorry Audra).

Home Brewing

I’ve never been a good cook. To be honest, I can barely cook, but I love to brew, and I have a knowledgeable girlfriend who hangs in there with me. We brew as often as we can, weekly at certain times of the year. The majority of my masterpieces (and failures)  will be here: Home Brewing Stuff


I purchased my first motorcycle at 20 having never sat on one before. I had never ridden, didn’t have a license and had no idea how to work on one, but I knew I was in love. My first bike was a 1976 BMW R750/6, I still have that bike today and ride it often.

Blog posts, DIY repairs, and galleries of other motorcycles that I’ve had in the past or still have today can found in the menu under 2 wheels or through this /tag/motorcycles

Big Boom Design Inc

In 2008 I started a web design company called Big Boom Design in Asheville, NC. It was a solo venture at first and I got started by building sites on Joomla and  WordPress. Since 2008 the company has grown to support about 300+ companies. When you work at a web design company it becomes very easy to “spin-up” projects. Sometimes these projects start from a blog post, involvment with a client, a passion/hobby, or just a random idea that somehow seems like a good (or decent) idea to run with. The following are a few of the projects that I’m involved with these days.

Oil Pan Repair

A drop ship business that me and a childhood friend started to sell a fiberglass oil pan cover that solves a problem on 7.3 liter Ford Powerstroke trucks.


Acmemoto2 was started by Scott Olofson in Fairview, NC. Acmemoto (the original) was a vintage BMW repair shop that existed about a decade ago in Fairview NC. The second iteration of this company is a motorcycle product design company (specifically motorcycle panniers).