Egg Incubator Container with lid on

I’ve selected a container for the incubator that should serve as a nice insulated box and viewing window. The goal with the first incubator is to focus primarily on the function and much less on the form that it takes. I’d like to keep my cost on this project under $100 as a cheap proof of concept. The main expenses will be the electronics (motor, relay, sensors, etc).

I’ll try to itemize out the pieces that I’m using on this build but if I leave anything out and you questions, feel free to ask.

Incubator Parts List – so far…

  • Inside the Automatic Egg IncubatorThe White box came from a computer monitor that I bought from Tiger Direct. It already had a hole in the top (and bottom).
  • Glass top with Black Gorilla Tape around the edges
  • White circular Styrofoam on the right side of the image was half of a Coleman camping lantern globe cover
  • Black computer fan for exhaust if it gets too hot
  • Broken Dish Tray for the egg dividers
  • Plywood for the bottom plate. This will be what actually turns the eggs over.
  • Servo motor for testing controls – This will later be replaced with a real motor connected to a threaded rod.