This race will go down in the books as our first official 24 Hours of Lemons race. After about a year of working on the car (a car I purchased back in college) we are finally ready to hit the track. It was an amazing expiernce and we all learned a ton while on the track. 

The Lemons parade from the town of Camden was a blast and since we have a convertible we were chosen to lead the entire group of hoopties into downtown. 

We did end up having some fuel issues from all the rust that broke lose in the tank. This caused some clogged fuel filter issue but Quint had a spare boat fuel filter that was clear so swapped things around and got back on the track. We ended up going through a few filters  during the race and managed to keep it alive until the end of the race. 

A very sucessful first Lemons Race for Team Mountain Apathy and Black Betty.