After a full week of riding everyday and pushing 280-350 miles per day, I’ve fallen behind on the posts for this site. I currently have a broken chain on the bike and might be stationary for a day or two so my attempt will be to try and catch up a bit. I’ll be writing about 10 posts in order to cover the past 7 days of travel. Most of the days have been amazing with the exception of only a few minor issues along the way, the broken chain is one of those issues.

I’ve seen some amazing sites and have met some amazing people along the way. I left Baton Rouge a week ago and since that time I’ve traveled the entire length of the Mississippi heading north. I took a few detours off the river when it made sense to help save time and have a more direct route. The Great River Road is an amazing network of roads that divides our country up the center.

Stayed tuned over the next 48 hours and I’ll be pushing out close to a dozen postings about this epic week.

Thanks for following the process.