Early Morning

The day started Earlier than normal. The scare with the wild boar/bear/bunny… whatever it was had me spooked and it was tough to get a good nights sleep. Also it’s impossible to sleep in when camping. I was up at 6:00 am. This is not a time that I normally get to see in my daily/weekly routine. I got up, broke down camp, heated some day old coffee, and started the trek back to the bike.

I left the state park and spotted a doughnut shop on the way out of town and grabbed some breakfast. The first part of the ride should be enjoyable but than I’ll get into Panama City and Destin Fl.

Panama City and Destin – Hot and Crowded

These areas are just packed with tourist (I guess I’m one of them) and the roads are congested. I’m also having to deal with the overheating issue due to my cooling fan lock up. Basically I’ve been killing the engine when I know I’ll have a long wait at a light.

Props Brewing For Lunch


My halfway point today is Props Brewing. I was extremely impressed with the beer at this joint. My favorite was a Vanilla Porter although they wouldn’t sell me a mini grower to go so I went with the Twin Prop Double IPA.

Final Ride Through Mobile, AL

The last 2 hours of the trip are not fun. They are on Highway 10 heading west. There are a few bridges and a tunnel but mostly it crowded and big highway. I stayed on this until I got through Mobile just to a little farming town called Grand Bay, Alabama.

The Palm Tree Farm


Tonight I’m staying at a Palm Tree Farm in Grand Bay, AL. I found Jason on the ADVRider Forum and he is graciously hosting me on his property. This place is unlike any farm I’ve very been to. I’m so thankful to be able to sleep in a hammock among hundreds of palm trees outside of Mobile Alabama tonight.