The days are packed so tight that I’m having a hard time posting daily. I’ll try to catch up with a handful of posts.

Leaving Charleston


On the way out of town I got stuck behind a guy in a pickup truck who had the bed of the truck packed full of office equipment. I followed him for about 10 minutes until I decided to swing in and get gas before I hopped on the highway. After filling up, I got back on the road only to find a filing cabinet in the middle of the road about two blocks down from the gas station. Other than this eerie scene nothing else sticks out in my mind about this leg of the trip.

I also stopped for some lunch.

Arriving in Savannah

I kept the bike pegged at about 75 for over an hour as I approached Savannah. When I finally got to my exit (headed to Moon River Brewing) I jumped off the highway into stop and  go, HOT traffic. Within about 90 seconds of being off the highway my temp light turned on. Shit! First problem with the bike.

I’m at a standstill on the highway with at least 20 more minutes until I reach downtown Savannah. I try to inch my way up the line of cars and finally realize that I can hop off an exit early and come into town a different way. This way I can at least get the bike moving and some air across the radiator.

I get into downtown and circle for a bit until finally, out of desperation for a parking spot, pulled into a hotel and asked the valet if I can leave the bike there for a bit and let it cool down. He lets me and I’m off to grab a beer and some food at Moon River.

Arriving in Jacksonville


I ran into the same issue when I got into Jacksonville. The temp gauge came on within minutes of getting off the highway. Luckily this time my destination was only a few blocks off the highway. I landed safely to Brian’s house (ADVRiver Connection) and was quickly welcomed to the scene. Brian rides an 800GS and takes trips up north to Canada… also an awesome home brewer.

The Issue

Once I started digging into the temp gauge issue, I found out that my radiator fan had seized up. This isn’t a huge issue but is semi-inconvenient until I can figure out where to get another fan from. The closest one that I can find at this point (along my route) is Baton Rouge.