Shipping Container Home Design Screenshot
*The front wall has been removed to show the detail

This ISBU Home is built on a 20 foot long used shipping container frame. This particular rendition is modeled after a hunting cabin or a nice little getaway home in the woods. It features a spacious loft with pop-up skylight for star gazing and ventilation. Located below the bed is a workshop with a mini kitchenette and sink. In the center is a small living room with a pull out couch for guests. In front of the couch are a set of double doors cut in the side of the shipping container that open up to a small porch. At the front end of the container where the main bay doors are located you have a fold down office area. When not in use the desktops fold up and out of the way.  Lastly we have a rooftop porch. With the containers solid steel frame, a second container can easily be stacked on top as well.

The first picture is a screen shot from the 3D modeling program I use to design these container homes. The following three are renders with some simple textures applied. The last two have the front and back walls removed to show the detail and layout.

If you’re interested in obtaining custom shipping container home designs or if you have any other questions, drop me a line:


*Doors, windows, and skylight open

*The back wall has been removed to show detail

*The front wall has been removed to show detail