Boomer SassmanMy interests are fairly fragmented these days. I divide my time between design on the web and design in the physical world. These two sides of my life have been evolving towards each other for years now. My goal is to see how closely I can overlap and intertwine these two landscapes.

I’m not much for lengthy bio’s so I’ve decided to put together a collection of photos to help illustrate some of the areas of my life. To inquire about any of the designs, articles, or topics on this blog, you can email me directly by using the form at the bottom of the page. For a semi complete sitemap of the pages, posts, topics and websites that I’m involved with, you can look below.

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Sitemap of Content:

Web Design and Internet Consulting

WordPress | Joomla | Company Blog | Lets Talk

Tiny Homes and Shipping Containers

All Container Posts on this blog | Design Services | Shipping Container Sales | Asheville Tiny Home Association


Super Beetle Baja | Electric 914 | 325i Cylinder Head Rebuild | R75/6 BMW Bike | Honda 500 | Tube Frame Electric Dune Buggy

Arduino Projects

Chicken Egg Incubator | Smart Desk | Slingshot Target | Chicken Coop Management System


Chickens | Bees | Cats