It’s hard to believe that it’s been only six years since the launch of Facebook. Over the past six years they’ve managed to change the lives of over 500 million users. Now I already know what you’re thinking… “changed the lives.” Most, if not all of you reading this Social Media Iconsright now have a Facebook account, a Fan Page, or are members of a group. Even if you don’t, you’ve been involved in some type of conversation, lecture, or organization that is involved.

As I watch my friends and family get sucked deeper and deeper into Facebook. I find myself removing more and more of my own personal  information. When Facebook first launched I remember feeling a bit like a stalker even if I just glanced at someone’s  profile pictures or music interests. These days people spend hours and hours fine tuning their own personal profiles. Likewise, so many people these days spend hours combing through other peoples photos and mutual friend lists. It’s pushed “watching TV” way down on the list of “useless things to waste time with”.

When did it become OK to stalk people?

It became OK when we all decided that we wanted to live our lives in public. WE made it OK to stalk each other. I encourage everyone to pause and take a look at what personal information you have on display to the world.

To some degree, I feel like a bit of a hypocrite. As a web designer and all around “internet guy” I’m constantly working with businesses on Facebook, Coaching Social Media Seminars, and preaching to my clients about the importance of Social Media avenues.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Flickr, etc… are great. Great for business!

From a business networking and search engine optimization stand point; these platforms have revolutionized marketing as we know it. It’s been greatly frustrating and extremely intriguing to watch this evolution over the past 6+ years. I hope that in 40 years I’ll feel honored to think of myself as “A child of the internet age”.