AirstreamI was helping a friend move the other day and while unloading the storage space I noticed this beauty sitting in the back of the lot that we were working in. To me, The Airstream represents the American dream that almost became a reality.

Spirit of the Airstream

For almost a decade the Airstream captured the hearts and adventuresome spirits of so many in this country. One trip after another (from the storage space to the Uhaul) I kept thinking how ironic it is that I was loading up a Uhaul to drive across town to unload the Uhaul into a house about 3-4 times the size as this box on wheels. The Airstream has just a little bit more space than an average Uhaul although from the inside it seems exponentially more inviting and welcoming than a Uhaul interior.

Why the Airstream

What is it that draws us towards something like the Airstream but not the Uhaul? For me, it’s the bullet like design and porthole style windows that give it that space aged look. I hope to one day own one of these beauties myself but until then I’ll continue to dream and imagine myself cruising up the east coast with a much better drag coefficient than a Uhaul truck.