Packing a shipping container for moving requires quite a bit of work, but you can really gain quite a bit of an advantage if you use one during your moving process! There are a few things you will need to deal with before you can call it a day when moving. The following tips will guide you through how to pack when you need a forty foot shipping container to lug your belongings across the globe:

Ensure all your boxes and pieces are labeled with their contents and your name. Sharpies are going to be your friend. So is tape. Tape all sides of the boxes to ensure they will not fall apart when you move them to a new location. Make sure everything is packed full to the top so there will be no empty spaces and that things have enough padding to be safe on the road or from occasional impacts. There will always be potholes.

If you have any jewelry that needs to be stored, any documents, photographs, tax returns or any other types of things that cannot be replaced, you would do well to keep them with you while moving. Until then consider a secure safety deposit box or other similar location to store them while you’re packing up your home or business. Make an inventoried list of all your precious belongings as well as where you are storing them- no sense in forgetting where you buried the gold!

Begin by loading your heavier and larger items, such as appliances, against the wall of your container. You should keep loading the heavier items on the floor close to the back and going to the front of your container. Place the lighter items on top and try to fill all spaces in such a way as nothing will be damaged. You can use empty boxes or other types of padding to ensure all gaps are filled: this will help keep things safe on the road so they won’t fall down and make a mess. Pretend you’re playing real life Tetris.

Packing and loading your container is essential to keeping the shipment in tip-top shape, so pack as much as you can into boxes, plastic crates and other smaller containers. They will be far easier to carry once the trip is over!
It is important to note that things need to be snug and tight when you pack them so nothing can slide on the way and make any damage in the long run. If your items are not secured this way shipping your items on the seas or by truck may end up having some of them falling, thus making things far more difficult in the long run. You don’t want things tumbling down, so make sure you spread things as evenly as you can, then build a bulkhead if you feel the need to so you can keep things in place. Once you have this you will have a chance to deal with parts of the moving experience and your moving checklist before calling a moving company. Article provided by: Removals and Storage UK Ltd.